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Our Company

At Vauva you will be able to rent everything that your baby needs while you are on vacation: strollers, travel cots and much more.

Our goal is to make family vacations simpler and your baby safe, comfortable and happy during his/her stay.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, that is why we strive to offer top quality products and maximum hygiene and safety and to provide a warm and professional service.

Our products were carefully selected, offering only the best in the market. We work with first-class and world-renowned brands so you can know that your baby will receive the best, no matter where you come from.

Alquiler de equipamiento para bebés y niños en Buenos Aires

Our Values


Be authentic and transparent when we relate to people. Act with honesty, respect and responsibility.


Provide value to our customers and exceed their expectations. Offer the best products available in the market and be efficient and effective in our service.


Do everything possible to provide with excellence the services that are within our reach and thus make the stay of our customers more pleasant and simple.


Work every day with energy and passion, doing what makes us happy.

Our History

Vauva was born as an idea on a trip to Brazil in December 2016. We meet many Argentinean families with babies, either walking downtown with their strollers or on the beaches, full of children’s toys.

Despite not being a mom yet, I am an empathic person, so I imagined everything that these parents had to take from their homes for their children (and everything they surely had forgotten) and all I could think was:

Baby + Vacations = Complication

But this has no logic … the sum of two positive things gives a negative result? I thought then that there should be something or someone to help make the result positive (and also to those parents!).

I turned 30 and decided that my life had to have a change of direction, I had to start working on something that made me happy.

This is how Vauva was born, my happiness and your solution.

Why Vauva?

My grandmother Fride is Finnish and arrived to Argentina in 1949. She has a strange accent and still confuses the femenine and masculine term.

I learned some typical Finnish and Swedish children’s songs using phonetics and I know all the stories about when she lived there.

My grandmother Fride is one of the most wonderful, nice and beautiful people that exist.

Vauva is ”baby” in Finnish.

Alquiler de productos para bebés y niños en Buenos Aires


As an entrepreneur, I occupy at Vauva a little of every position that exists within a large company … Industrial Engineer with many years of experience working in multinational companies, I am the one who leads Vauva, working every day with great desire and passion to see it grow.